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325 Edmonton Trail Southeast
Airdrie, AB, T4B 2C2

Cellar Door Vintage Rentals is a vintage rental company based in Airdrie and serving Calgary and the surrounding areas. Specializing in vintage and vintage inspired props for wedding rentals, engagement photos, styled shoots or any other other party/event that requires a vintage flair 

About me


Hey guys!! I'm brooke and Antiques have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When my mom opened her first store in 1997, I would take any opportunity to spend time there. I was drawn to every piece of furniture, every item, every speck of dust, intrigued by the fact that each had its own unique story. I still remember the thrill of buying my first piece at an auction when I was 13 – with my own bidding card, no less – an early 1900s chaise lounge from a psychiatrist’s office which my mom helped me recover. I can still feel the amazing dark purple crushed velvet and the sense of pride at bringing it back to life…I was hooked. 

I have worked in antiques ever since, helping my parents hunt for our inventory all over Western Canada and the United States. My adventures have taken me everywhere from 12-hour long auctions to strangers’ basements and sweltering outdoor antique shows across the border. There is nothing better than the thrill of the hunt, and never knowing what you might come across next. 

I am passionate about antiques because like every love story, there is a history, richness and no two pieces are the same. I believe that the right antique/vintage piece can add a sense of comfort, elegance and wow-factor to any event. So take a moment to browse my carefully curated collection, share your ideas and ask questions! I would be delighted to collaborate on the details of your vision and if what you're looking for isn't in my collection, please ask as I am ALWAYS up for a good hunt, and if I can't find it, I can always ask my mentor and the person who taught me everything I know. My Momma Bear ;)